Vol. 9, recipe 1 – Beef Mounds with Noodles

Welcome to September. This marks the end of my sabbatical and the beginning of a new academic year. It’s early days, but I am happy that I have managed to keep up the cooking and blogging into September. This recipe is from the Pennsylvania Dutch cooking section of volume 9. It’s like tomato-infused personal meatloaf, over noodles.


This is a great way to use leftover noodles, which is what got me into this recipe in the first place. My partner decided to make a sandwich out of one, and declared it to be like a Sloppy Joe without the sloppy. I would agree, although I think the addition of a bit of green pepper would push it even more in that direction. And that’s not a bad idea anyway! The green is parsley, and we were excited to be able to use fresh flat leaf parsley from our back yard in this. Definitely elevates the dish a bit.

We also cooked ours for about 10 minutes longer than recommended. We checked after 20 minutes and they didn’t seem done in the middle. Another 10 minutes not only fixed that but gave a bit of nice browning to the outside. Enjoy!



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