Fudge! – Vol. 5, recipe 1

IMAG0219I grew up with a fear of fudge. Not eating it, that part is fine. But making it? Let me explain.

My memories of eating fudge are that either you need a spoon, or a chisel. This was apparently the nemesis of my Mother who was otherwise an amazing cook! To add insult to injury, I experimented once with making fudge using a bottled liquid sweetener made from saccharine, and since I didn’t have any nuts, corn flakes to add crunch. I think that episode did make my mother feel better about her fudge.

So here it is, in volume 5 – the fudge section. I know a lot of people have learned to make quick and easy fudge with a microwave – but the Encyclopedia doesn’t use microwave techniques. So while I did do the “quick” recipe – which uses marshmallows – I also had to boil the sugar mixture on the stove and keep an eye on it. And (seriously, drum roll here …) IT WORKED!

I’m going to call this Mexican fudge, since I used the dark chocolate chili pepper bars for 2/3 of the chocolate. It definitely gives it a little something different. I’m just amazed that it actually came out as fudge. Miraculous!





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