Chicken Galore – Vol. 3, recipes 4 and 5

IMAG0191Volume 3 includes the chicken section, and what a versatile ingredient for those who are eat meat. It also includes cheese, which as we have learned is a Midwestern staple. Put the two together and you have what Minnesotans call a hot dish.

These two chicken recipes both have a creamy type of sauce. On the left,  Chicken Fricassee. This dish was one my partner fondly recalls from childhood, so we tried it. I wanted to add carrots though, so just chopped some up and added them. YUM! We served this over mashed potatoes with a side of cornbread stuffing. You could happily add a green vegetable on the side.

On the right, Chicken, Cheese and Cauliflower Casserole (that’s New EnglanIMAG0194dish for Hot Dish). We made it with two types of cheese – a medium cheddar and a mild cheese sort of like a Havarti – and it was just wonderful! I think you can vary the personality of this dish widely, depending on the cheese(s) you use. This one was going to a pot luck, by the way, hence the not very elegant presentation in the photo. I’m really not sure how people would feel if I insisted that they fix their plates and then let me photograph their food, haha.




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