Boston Cream Pie – Vol 3, recipes 2 and 3

BostonCreamPieHappy birthday to J (a few days ago) and also happy birthday to this blog! On this day, 5 years ago, I started this blog – my first one. I thought I should celebrate with cake! Now I have to admit the actual cake recipe is from another of my favorite vintage cookbooks, my mother’s copy of To the Bride. The filling and frosting are both from volume 3 of the Encyclopedia though. The filling is crème pâtissière from the Cremes and Custards section. Honestly, I thought I got it thick enough but you can see that once on the cake it definitely oozed down the sides. It is the most amazing tasting stuff, but not as stiff as needed. The icing is Semisweet Frosting from the Chocolate section. It was a good consistency and generally good but I think I should have gone with the bittersweet chocolate approach. For my first effort at Boston Cream pie completely from scratch, not bad, but not perfect either. This means I’ll just have to try again, right?


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