Cherry Danish – Vol 2, recipe 1

Happy February! This month we start volume 2. So many good things in this volume! Bread, casseroles, and Canadian cookery!

Tocherry-danish start us off – Cherry Danish. This is a recipe out of the Bread Cook Book section. In there, it’s the recipe for Apple Danish. But I wanted to make cherry, so here you go. By the way, in the “olden days” we used to celebrate President George Washington’s birthday in February (now, it’s just called Presidents’ Day). Because of the old story about him chopping down the cherry tree (and being unable to lie – go President Washington!), cherry pie and other cherry dishes were associated with the holiday. I can make it sound like that’s the reason – but really, I just wanted cherry.

So I have been wanting to make homemade Danish pastries for how long? Years. And years. I finally did it – and should have done it years ago. They are amazing, and I have mastered a whole new baking technique. By the way, I substituted whole wheat flour for about a third of the flour, and it didn’t hurt them at all. And now they’re whole grain and healthy, right? Well, at least less bad.

This is a two-day project, but I definitely recommend it! It seems especially well suited to winter when you might find yourself inside a lot anyway.





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2 responses to “Cherry Danish – Vol 2, recipe 1

  1. Chuck

    Okay, I definitely should have eaten breakfast before looking at these danish – these look like danish that could be highly addictive, and the tart of the cherry sounds like a great complement to the sweetness of the icing.

  2. Maybe that’s why you tend to find danish made with things like cherry, blueberry, lemon curd, raspberry – the slightly more tangy/tart fruits. I’m still pondering pineapple though.

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