Stuffed Acorn Squash – Vol 1, recipe 3


Here’s a warming dish for a cold winter. Acorn squash stuffed with a simple mixture of bread crumbs, sausage, onion, salt and pepper. Squash seeds went out to feed the local squirrels (if they’ll eat them – I’m guessing yes) and extra bread crumbs went to the birds. For some reason we still have robins around, despite the -30F temps lately! Anyway – the Encyclopedia recommends (and the recipe directs) to steam the squash for about 40 minutes. I did 35, and I think they still came out a bit soft to handle for the second round of stuffing them. You can see the breakage on them in the photo. I would recommend maybe 20 minutes for the first round of steaming, then check and make sure they’re getting a little tender but not starting to fall apart. After stuffing you’re going to bake them another 30 minutes, so you don’t want them totally cooked before stuffing. Enjoy!


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