Banana Bread – Vol 1, recipe 2

bananabreadHow many recipes do I have for banana bread? Lots! But this one uses 3 bananas, and as those of you with old bananas know, the key to a banana bread recipe is how many bananas you have to use up. I cut the sugar by a third, as I generally do in all my sweet bread recipes. Yum – I think banana bread is really the main reason I buy bananas. And yes, this has nuts in it too. But you can certainly omit those if you have an allergy.



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2 responses to “Banana Bread – Vol 1, recipe 2

  1. Chuck

    I need to pick out recipe #2 (Portuguese bean soup was recipe #1, and I would definitely make it again). Definitely a fun way to celebrate the year – looking forward to hear about week 3!

    • So glad to hear about the soup! Can’t wait to hear what you pick for your next recipe. I don’t want to give away my next one, but here’s a hint – I’m planning on something savory for week 3.

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