New-tradition Danish Apple Cake

When I was in Denmark earlier this summer, I picked up a recipe for Traditional Danish Apple Cake. Since I have never heard of this dish, I am very glad that they included a photo. Between that and some creative interpretation, I think I replicated it! As follows:

Peel, core, and slice 2-3 large-ish apples
Stew in a covered sauce pan over low heat with 3 Tbsp water
When tender, add 2 Tbsp butter (salted is fine) and sugar to taste (approx 1/4 cup, could be more or less depending on type of apples)
Let stand and cool

Meanwhile, make bread crumbs from 1 slice of bread (approx 1/2 cup crumbs) or use dry bread crumbs. If using fresh bread, dry in oven (I set mine on 300) for about 5 minutes (mine ended up toasted rather than dry)
Melt about 1/2 – 2/3 stick of butter in a frying pan (salted is fine). Mix about 1/3 cup sugar with your bread crumbs, then saute in butter until golden (which doesn’t take long with toasted bread crumbs). Remove from heat to cool.

When it’s all cool (haha, I just had to say it that way), pull out two clear glass or plastic dessert cups, and layer apples, then crumbs (which in my case formed a sort of crisp layer that I broke into pieces), apples, crumbs, etc. – about 3 layers of each. Top with whipped cream and a dollop (that’s about a teaspoon) of red currant jelly.

YUM! And I hope that I haven’t offended the Danish too badly with this somewhat unorthodox approach to their recipe. And now – has anyone ever tried this with pineapple?

Here is a similar picture, and a slightly different recipe that sounds good too!



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2 responses to “New-tradition Danish Apple Cake

  1. Aww i haven’t that in years… my mum used to make it when i was. It’s particular but very yum. Did you like it?

  2. Yes, I liked it very much! I haven’t made it in a while – I think it’s time again!

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