Where have I been?

OK, I know that rule #1 of blogging is don’t abandon your blog for a month. Sorry! So where have I been? Cooking in Sorin again! I’m teaching a First-Year Seminar (FYSEM) on Sustainable Food Systems. I have 17 budding chefs who have joined the journey, and on Thursday afternoons we are in the student lounge in Sorin Residence Hall at Hamline, cooking up a storm. First week – the theme was eggs. We did soft-boiled, poached, and “eggs in a nest” from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and family. I am pleased to report that my crew turned out an absolutely perfect soft boiled egg on their first try. We learned a lot about the importance of timing. We also tried some duck eggs that day – I highly recommend them!

Last week it was zucchini day. We made my Aunt Barbara’s zucchini bread recipe but cooked into muffins. YUM! We also did Jeffrey’s sweet potato paneer, which has zucchini as well. Also yum! We’re taking a week off this week, but I will let you know about our future adventures. Kale chips are definitely on the agenda for later.


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