Recipe Recovery – Hash

So we New Englanders like our boiled dinner – some kind of meat with potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. Or in our case, add beets to that mix (which gives you Red Velvet Hash, although our beets were golden). One of the great things about boiled dinner is making home-made hash with the leftovers. But do you remember how to do it?

Long ago, I helped my grandmothers do this, and today I put my vague memories to the test. Take about 3 cups of the vegetables and about 2 cups of leftover meat. Measurements here are approximate – you don’t want either the veg or the meat to overwhelm the other. In our case we had little meat left over so we got some more corned beef. Chop all of the vegetables with the meat into small chunks – diced, in fact. Mix up well as you chop. Fry over fairly high heat, covering the bottom of the pan with a 1/4 inch or so layer of hash. Let it fry for a while to start to get crisp, then start turning it. Get as much of it crisp as you can – soggy hash is a sorry mess.

Serve with a fried egg. I hope my grandmothers are smiling down on me today!


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