Women & Labor Conference – Southern Connecticut State University

I’ve been lagging on the blogging, but it’s been a busy time. I spent last weekend at the Women & Labor conference at SCSU, where I presented a paper on women’s labor in the kitchen. Titled “Doin’ It Herself: Forays into ‘Radical Home Economics'” this project considers what it means politically and socially to reclaim women’s labor of cooking, and what a “Radical Home Economics” would look like. There is a well-established literature on the history of Home Economics in the 20th century, and in many cases there is little radical about it. This paper considers how political dimensions would enter in to a new Home Economics that would teach both skills and broader implications of consumer choices around food as well as other household work – tasks that are currently being reclaimed within such social movements as Urban Homesteading. Thanks to all who attended my session and all the wonderful discussion and comments – it was a very lively group!


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